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why is elizabeth dole famous

Senator and Secretary of Transportation.She was born on July 29, 1936 (83 years old) in Salisbury as Mary Elizabeth Alexander Hanford. After Oxford, she took a job as a student teacher at In late December 2001, Dole shifted her official residency from the Doles' condominium in the Her election to the Senate marked the first time a spouse of a former Senator was elected to the Senate from a different state from that of her spouse (although In November 2004, following Republican gains in the United States Senate, Dole narrowly edged out Senator Dole was initially a heavy favorite for re-election, especially after several potential top-tier challengers such as Congressman In late October, Dole released a controversial television ad attacking Hagan for reportedly taking donations from individuals involved in the In the 2008 election, Dole lost by a wider-than-expected margin, taking 44 percent of the vote to Hagan's 53 percent – the largest margin of defeat for an incumbent Senator in the 2008 cycle. With little fanfare or publicity she regularly attended church and often performed charitable services for nursing home residents. Priorities during her first tenure included issues such as improving the safety of the nation's blood supply against AIDS, responding to world emergencies caused by famine, war, and natural disasters, and improving the charitable giving by Americans to humanitarian organizations. “Don’t you realize there are men who would give their right arm to be here, men who would use their legal education?”Dole was one of 24 women in a class of 550. Their lives revolve almost totally around their work. Dole abandoned her earlier support for the Equal Rights Amendment after joining the anti-ERA Reagan administration.

-- Elizabeth Dole . She was the Secretary of Transportation in Ronald Reagan's administration and the US Secretary of Labor for George H.W. "Distinguished Deltas". The Dole resigned as Secretary of Transportation in 1987 to campaign for her husband's second attempt at the presidency. Elizabeth Hanford was born and grew up in Salisbury, North Carolina, the daughter of wholesale flower dealers. By 2012, Dole retired from the White House, but not from helping people. Because of her previous cabinet-level experience under Reagan, and her immense popularity within the Republican Party, Dole was tabbed as the new Secretary of Labor by President George Bush in 1989. With her husband's own campaign for the presidency in 1979, she resigned as FTC commissioner to campaign for him full-time. Bob is involved in a lot of domestic as well as international programs for a very noble cause and is fighting a battle to remove hunger and poverty. The Elizabeth Dole Foundation. Despite her identification with liberal consumer issues and former support for ERA, Dole received strong backing from the conservative Reagan administration. Problems facing the new administrator included highways, bridges, mass transit, air traffic control, shipping, Conrail, and the Washington, D.C. public transportation system. In the 1958 Commencement Program, hers is the only name listed for departmental honors. In 2012, Dole established the Elizabeth Dole Foundation,Dole commissioned the RAND Corporation to develop the first nationwide comprehensive, evidence-based report on the needs of military and veteran caregivers.The Foundation selects military and veteran caregivers from each state to serve a two-year Fellowship with the Foundation. At that time, Transportation was rapidly becoming an important cabinet post since it involved 20 percent of the gross national product and touched the lives of most Americans.During her first month as Transportation Secretary, Dole "moved a mountain" and agreed to provide $70 million in existing Department of Transportation (DOT) and Amtrak funds to start making Union Station, the antiquated train station in Washington, D.C., "alive and vibrant with people … a center of activity for our city of Washington and for this nation.

However glamourous that designation may seem, it referred strictly to their jobs and not their social life. Early life and family. Since the Secretary of Transportation is also the director of the U.S. Coast Guard, she was the first woman to command an armed service in the United States. Elizabeth Dole is an U.S. In 2004, Dole was honored with the “American Patriot Award” for his exceptional service in World War II. Delta Delta Delta. Although raised a devout Methodist she, for the most part, kept her religious views private. Following her marriage, she became a Republican and campaigned vigorously when her husband ran for vice-president on the unsuccessful Ford-Dole ticket in 1976. She was a candidate for the Republican Party’s nomination for President of the United States in 2000. Elizabeth Hanford Dole (born 1936), has worked as a lawyer, White House aide, cabinet officer, and president of the American Red Cross.

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