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white zetsu death

And yeah, white Zetsu was destroyed by Sasuke's Amaterasu in chapter 553 but there's the white Zetsu army so he's not actually dead? Just in diesem Moment erscheint Zetsu aus der Erde und nimmt seinen Körper ein. White Zetsu was a member of the Akatsuki. Well one translation before said white zetsu is a clone of black zetsu Thread starter deidara senpai; Start date Oct 16, 2011; deidara senpai Active member. They are also diff from the ones naruto is fightin nw cause the one against bee didn't turn into a tree like the one naruto is up against..... That's sayin he can make diff froms of clone?! RE: Did black zetsu died???(naruto)? Through the years since he split off from the original Black Zetsu, he eventually assimilated a White zetsu and gained its abilities as it waited for the returned of Kaguya Ōtsutsuki.

After the revival of the After Kaguya's revival and defeat, Madara's death, and Naruto and Sasuke's battle, Naruto and Sasuke undoes Madara's Infinite Tsukyomi which resulted in everybody being released from his technique and the death of all the White Zetsus which remained during the war. White Zetsu's spore technique also allows it to keep track of people like Sasuke during the Fourth Great Ninja War. White Zetsu collapsed on the floor, and everyone there presumed that he died. Als er anfängt, mit der Hälfte von Obitos Körper zu verschmelzen, ist Madara in der Lage ihn dazu zu zwingen, das Während des Mugen Tsukuyomi bemerkt der schwarze Zetsu, dass das Licht des Mondes nicht durch Sasukes Zetsu besteht aus zwei Hälften, die sich voneinander lösen und unabhängig voneinander agieren können.

Veteran. To further its plans, it posed as Madara Uchiha's manifested will and then partnered with White Zetsu to become half of the Akatsuki member known simply as Zetsu (ゼツ, Zetsu). Mit Genen von Hashirama Senju als Ashura Ootsutsukis Erben erschuf Madara Uchiha ungeplant weiße Zetsus, als er die Gedou Mazou rief. Außerdem scheint Zetsu eine gespaltene Persönlichkeit zu besitzen. Zetsu witnesses Sasuke's battle against Itachi. When Madara was on the verge of death, he imbued Black Zetsu into White Zetsu's right half, believing the former was a. LOL. I wonder if Black Zetsu is the 'true' Zetsu and White is some jutsu or whatever, as you theorize - this would help explain how when they were sealing the Ichibi Pain told Zetsu to use his real body as a lookout ... i.e. Black Zetsu would later leave during the war to go after the daimyos and leave White Zetsu with Sasuke. Joined Jul 22, 2011 Messages 4,396 Kin

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