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wilson staff infinite putter specs

A slightly curved sole may not be to everyone’s liking, but what will be are the sight lines. Okay, maybe the dress and bag are imitations, but it’s an Make no mistake: unless there’s something Wilson isn’t telling us, these new Infinites are the same as the old Infinites, in a much nicer looking package. Wilson Infinite South Side Putter Review. Remember the Fybrid? Bought a FlatCat grip for $25 and have never putted better. But give Wilson credit, the old girls do look pretty sharp in their new outfits.The original Infinite line featured industrial-looking smoked-gray heads with an overly busy alignment aid – three white lines separated by two black lines. I’m glad OEM’s like WiIson are keeping the pricing reasonable.Thanks.

Unfortunately it didn’t convert to golf. I guess though if nobody is buying 8802 style except a few wrxers… Maybe next cycleMy budget forces a choice between fancy gear that seldom sees the tee box and more green time with mid-line gear. At 104 grams, it’s a heavy grip, and it gives you a nice, counter-balanced feel for a smoother stroke. The Wilson Infinite Putter line includes seven head shapes in a dark, matte finish to reduce glare and accentuate sight-lines.

At this price for the looks, it might be worth picking up one a Windy City version just to have a blade style to play with vs my current Mallet.Copyright 2020.

they had horrible clubs when i was a kid. You were nice enough to include a spec chart for the different putter models but you didn’t include the weight of the different heads. The putter head is longer than the Windy City and Madison Ave, and will be ideal for golfers who like a blade that can offer added confidence – particularly with the three sightlines.Another mallet and one with a unique putter head design. And even though it’s subjective, there The sub-$100 milled putter movement (is it a movement? Sound familiar?) These six putters (seven if you include the women's Windy) should suit a wide variety of golfers' putting strokes. unfortunately i really wanted wilson to be great because i have a bunch of there tennis racquets. I am glad to see wilson getting back in the mix.

I putted well with all of them…for awhile.

This can be very important when deciding on a putter especially if it is at all counterbalanced.I had some rewards points from AmEx to use up and got the South Side. Think Wilson Staff irons for 40+ years. It’s only been 25 years I’ve been practicing anyway.Plus Kaymer sank the winning putt at Ryder Cup with $100 Ping Karsten etc. I now have 6 putters. Good article; better than good enough.what the hell cheap enough if it doesnt work it can join the othersAre cast putters worse than milled ones? All my opinion of course.I would not care if it cost 99 cents or $99.00 if it is ugly or nice looking if it works I’m buying it.I have owned at least 3 dozen putters. Thanks Mr. Karsten, you’ve saved me a lot of money over the years.My theory is that the ball does not know the cost of the club hitting it and the club does not know the cost of the ball it is hitting. Wilson. Since then a Louisville mallet for 3 years and now two putters to go with my two playing sets of clubs. They look too thick from the playing position. Wilson has always had good value and good technology. Counter-balanced technology provides a more controlled putting stroke. The L features an elongated mallet head, much longer than the others in the range, which is stepped and has rounded edges. He didn’t get up and down, but he didn’t skull his pitch over the green and into a trap, either.Ned gamed a very old Wilson putter. The entire line had an industrial, utilitarian look and feel to it, with lots of steel gray and white. He’s a fan of Hogan, Jack and Arnie and still has an old set of MacGregor irons that get to see the course a couple times a year. Counter-balanced technology provides a more controlled putting stroke.

Paid $110. I put it togeather myself and used it for years. It’s the same grip as the previous models, but the new black and white color scheme pops much better than the original battleship gray and white. (My game sucked then.) Technology does make a difference – but its impact is capped by the skill level of the user. Cleveland’s new TFi putters cost a bit more, but there’s plenty of technology packed into a still modest price. As a result this one may not be suited to certain golfers who like to see face on ball through the putting stroke. The soles had chrome strips and a ton of branding,  and the whole thing looked slapped together.

If I don’t like the look or feel of a putter I don’t make squat with it – no matter how good the technology is. The neck-bend hosel design doesn’t make it easy to get the club head square on impact immediately, and that may put some off from buying the Bean model, but it allows more of putter head to be visible.The Bucktown model has the same neck bend shaft as the Bean, but this one is a fang-style mallet. !.Golf prices are what’s keeping others from playing..

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