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woocommerce dashboard login

Who wants crappier reporting? You can choose the icon for each table and set the quantity to display in each table.Enable avatar on my account dashboard and choose the layout which suits you best.

This is great news and something that I look forward to seeing. Log in … did a sample order but still don’t know import products. The following people have contributed to this plugin. I don’t know why so many people don’t bother to read the entire post before leaving a comment and going up in arms about things! Redirecting dashboard logins to the WooCommerce “Products” admin page Snippet (PHP): Redirect Dashboard Login to “Products” Page @ WordPress/WooCommerce Admin Now without further ado, let’s go through them. No plugin settings in dashboard. Instagram have provided the option to connect a catalog through Woocommerce instructions as follows;I apologise if i’m commenting on the wrong forum but I can’t locate an integrations tab… have I installed the incorrect plugin? A sorting by state sales would be an excellent addon and make it easier for a lot of my clients.Great work.

WooCommerce.com now uses WordPress.com accounts.

The new Inbox cleans up all notifications relevant to managing a WooCommerce store, ensuring that store owners only get what’s important and in one central location.The Activity Panel also makes use of a new API and new REST API endpoints for developers to add notifications specific to their extensions, which will then present themselves in the Inbox. any kind of a relevant guide would be wonderful.You can find more information about how to set up the WooCommerce plugin itself here: I have major issues with Woo- how do I contact someone!!!!! Upon activation, WooCommerce will add two dashboard widgets giving you an easy to access an overview of your store, and a third if you have a multi-site with multiple stores. can’t find any info on how to run the dashboard. The WooCommerce Admin feature plugin is built around a new central dashboard that, in time, will become the default in future versions of WooCommerce.

Pick your default login page, and then use the two snippets below to target actual logins and direct accesses to wp-admin.

Sent request to customer support no response so here I am posting on a blog to get helpHi Marshall.

... “Woocommerce Login / Signup Lite” is open source software.

More information about the new API and the REST API endpoints available can be found at If you’d like to try the new WooCommerce Admin plugin, Why is this not just in Woo? Monitor store performance with powerful statistics, analytics, and custom reports. Limited Field Options: The default WooCommerce login registration form has adequate fields for a user to create an account.

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