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I had amazing views of the quad and the library from my room, which is pictured on the right.Christ Church library is absolutely enormous and is one of the best-stocked Of course, one of the things that Christ Church is most famous for and, indeed, the This also makes it one of the most popular Oxford colleges for tourists to visit.Below you can see the Harry Potter steps which are used in the first and second Harry Potter films. Especially considering how many of those beauties are free to visit.You'll find recommendations for what to read next as well as inspiration for your next adventure. The tree you see on the left is the tree under which Mad Eye Moody turns Draco Malfoy into a ferret! Please choose a different date.Sorry, there are no tours or activities available to book online for the date(s) you selected. Magdalen College also has its very own deer park, which always reminds me of Richmond Park in London. … If I had to pick just one of these as the most beautiful Oxford college it would be this one.Magdalen is one of the biggest Oxford colleges and the grounds are simply enormous. Each quad you visit at Christ Church is more impressive than the last and your final stop on any tour of Christ Church will be Peckwater Quad (below left).

I’m in love! 36.1 All Souls College; 36.2 Blackfriars Hall; 36.3 Campion Hall; 36.4 Kellogg College; 36.5 Linacre College; 36.6 Nuffield College; 36.7 Green Templeton College; 36.8 St Benet's Hall; 36.9 St Stephen's House; Balliol College. So there you have ten of the best and most beautiful colleges alongside many beautiful pictures to justify my choices! I’ve dreamed of visiting Oxford to do a college tour since I was a little girl!! Inside Keble’s chapel is a famous painting by William Holman Hunt called The Light of the World. Check out my For more posts about Christ Church, check out these:Worcester College is similar to Magdalen in that it boasts both beautiful buildings and beautiful grounds.
In order to get in, graduate and postgraduate students apply for examination fellowships through “the hardest exam in the world”, which is followed up with an … Which do you think is the best Oxford college?The rights to all photographs in this post belong to [ This article was first published in 2018 but was refreshed and updated in 2020 ]This just makes me want to abandon my current life and career and apply with reckless abandon to any Oxford college that will have me so I can live the aesthetic dream of studying here, riding my bike around Oxford, meet up with friends to study in beautiful libraries, go to the May Ball and watch the fireworks… ahh what a dream! It’s newer than a lot of the others too as it was built in 1870.Its distinctive neo-gothic red brick design has always been somewhat controversial and people either love it or hate it. Thank you for visiting the website of the Chapel of Worcester College, Oxford. The main quad is flanked on one side by medieval cottages which are remnants of “Gloucester College”, which originally stood here.As you can see, the walls are covered with beautiful flowers and Worcester College Gardeners have been named the winners of the Further into the college, you’ll find a lake. The location! It is located in Walton Street, Oxford, Oxfordshire, United Kingdom. Established on the site of a former RAF base used in World War Two, it is the UK’s fastest growing university, with a 10.6 per cent increase on applications in 2009 and a 100 per cent increase since … Many people think the iconic Bridge of Sighs in Oxford is part of New College but that beautiful feature actually connects two parts of Hertford College. Find out more in my Unfortunately Pembroke College is only open to prospective students, alumni, members of the University or those with a connection to the college.Trinity College is another Oxford college with extensive and beautiful grounds in the centre of the city. My room was where the two windows on the far left in the middle are! Join my community and be the first to know about new content!Be the first to know when new articles are posted on whatshotblog.com.

Make sure you check times for opening (normally 2pm - 4pm eachnice place and all but i feel it was a waste of time that could have been spent in the westgate centre.

Each and every one of Oxford’s 38 colleges has its own special charm and each Oxford student will be biased towards their own.However, there’s no denying that some Oxford colleges are just a notch above the rest in terms of architectural and natural beauty.Here are ten of the best Oxford colleges, which I have chosen based on the college grounds and buildings. Pembroke is one of the smallest Oxford colleges but good things come in small packages, right? You might recognise the cloisters you see below as they were used as a Harry Potter filming location in Oxford.
It’s crazy to think that inside a university you could find a This part of the college is called The Grove and is home to a herd of fallow deer that have been present in Magdalen College for over 300 years. Several colleges are dedicated to graduate students only and provide uniquely tailored college support for over one third of our graduate population. Check out this post for an insider’s look at eight more Notable alumni include Tim Berners Lee – only the inventor of the World Wide Web – and Rowan Atkinson, the lovable Mr Bean!

As part of the process of registering with the Charities Commission in 2011 a number of changes to the College’s Statutes (which are …

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