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Global Reference frames like Earth Center Earth Fixed (ECEF) non-inertial system.
For example, in a graph showing how a Another common convention for coordinate naming is to use subscripts, as (In mathematical illustrations of two-dimensional Cartesian systems, the first coordinate (traditionally called the For three-dimensional systems, a convention is to portray the For 3D diagrams, the names "abscissa" and "ordinate" are rarely used for The axes of a two-dimensional Cartesian system divide the plane into four infinite regions, called Similarly, a three-dimensional Cartesian system defines a division of space into eight regions or which can be obtained by two consecutive applications of Pythagoras' theorem.A glide reflection is the composition of a reflection across a line followed by a translation in the direction of that line. Due to the special importance of international conventions in air vehicles, several organizations have published standards to be followed. A location on the Equator is needed to define the X-axis, and the In engineering projects, agreement on the definition of coordinates is a crucial foundation. For example, German DIN has published the Basically, as lab frame or reference frame, there are two kinds of conventions for the frames: World frame's origin is fixed at the center of gravity of the vehicle. Finally, how to orient X-, Y- and Z-axis?

Assuming that translation is not used transformations can be combined by simply multiplying the associated transformation matrices. Switching any two axes will reverse the orientation, but switching both will leave the orientation unchanged. In that case the third coordinate may be called Since Cartesian coordinates are unique and non-ambiguous, the points of a Cartesian plane can be identified with pairs of The concept of Cartesian coordinates generalizes to allow axes that are not perpendicular to each other, and/or different units along each axis. It can be seen that the order of these operations does not matter (the translation can come first, followed by the reflection). Because a three-dimensional object is represented on the two-dimensional screen, distortion and ambiguity result. (However, in some A Cartesian coordinate system for a three-dimensional space consists of an ordered triplet of lines (the The octants are: | (+x,+y,+z) | (-x,+y,+z) | (+x,+y,-z) | (-x,+y,-z) | (+x,-y,+z) | (-x,-y,+z) | (+x,-y,-z) | (-x,-y,-z) |

The axis of Earth's spin provides a natural orientation strongly associated with "up vs. down", so positive Z can adopt the direction from geocenter to North Pole.

Coordinates to describe observations made from an aircraft are normally given relative to its intrinsic axes, but normally using as positive the coordinate pointing downwards, where the interesting points are located. 2) An origin must be assigned to a specific spatial location or landmark, and 3) the orientation of the axes must be defined using available directional cues for all but one axis. Nevertheless, when attitudes with respect to ground stations are given, a relationship between the local earth-bound frame and the onboard ENU frame is used.
A reflection or glide reflection is obtained when, Where to place the origin? Based on symmetry, the gravitational center of the Earth suggests a natural landmark (which can be sensed via satellite orbits). RGB color space) in 3D applications, and vert means green in French as well as in English heraldic tinctures, one could form neologisms to match vertical (Y), i.e. I'm sure you've heard that a million times, but it might hard for you to remember which one is which. 1) Units of distance must be decided defining the spatial size represented by the numbers used as coordinates. This frame referenced w.r.t.

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