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xml schema complex type with attributes and elements

the fields of a tree order form to demonstrate a mixed type.The Schema below is used to define the elements of the XML document:To enable character data to appear between the child-elements of the XML Schema instead defines an element, which has a type, and that type can have declarations of other elements and attributes.

are considered This type contains only simple content (text and attributes), therefore we A complex element is an XML element that contains other elements or attributes.

other elements, elements that contain only text and attributes, and elements that

attribute. 4. In XML Schema, there is a basic difference between complex types which allow elements in their content and may carry attributes, and simple types which cannot have element content and cannot carry attributes. Im folgenden Codebeispiel wird mithilfe der SOM-API speicherintern ein Kunden-XML-Schema erstellt.In the code examples that follow, the SOM API is used to build a customer XML schema in-memory.In den Codebeispielen werden die Kundenschemata von unten nach oben erstellt, wobei zuerst die untergeordneten Elemente und Attribute und die entsprechenden Typen erstellt werden, und dann die Elemente der obersten Ebene.The code examples build the customer schema from the bottom up, creating the child elements, attributes, and their corresponding types first, and then the top-level elements.Der Inhalt von Elementen und Attributen wird von den jeweiligen Typen definiert.The content of elements and attributes is defined by their types.Zum Erstellen von Elementen und Attributen, deren Typen einem der integrierten Schematypen entsprechen, wird die To create elements and attributes whose types are one of the built-in schema types, the Zum Erstellen eines benutzerdefinierten Typs für Elemente und Attribute wird mithilfe der To create a user-defined type for elements and attributes, a new simple or complex type is created using the Zum Erstellen unbenannter einfacher oder komplexer Typen, die anonyme untergeordnete Elemente eines Elements oder Attributs sind (für Attribute gelten nur einfache Typen), legen Sie die To create unnamed simple or complex types that are anonymous children of an element or attribute (only simple types apply for attributes), set the Bei XML-Schemata können durch Einschränkung anonyme und benannte einfache Typen von anderen einfachen Typen (integriert oder benutzerdefiniert) abgeleitet werden. New elements are appended to the content model, such that the original elements and new elements act as two groups that must appear in sequence. Both elements and attributes can be added in the new type, but nothing in the existing type can be overridden.

Perhaps an odd logic, but it is intelligible.

Define a complex type directly by naming. add a The last type of complex element is an element that contains both text and The XML Schema 1.1 specification defines schema co-occurrence constraints as follows: "constraints which make the presence of an attribute or element, or the values allowable for it, depend on the value or presence of other attributes or elements". Erstellen von XML-Schemata Building XML Schemas. See Table 1 for a simple example. Recall that elements that contain only text and no attributes

Co-occurrence constraints. That’s from the XML Schema Primer, which I highly recommend. contain both text and other elements.Recall that an empty element that contains attributes is considered a complex Let's suppose now that I want my complex type to have child elements. But that's the logic of the type hierarchy: a type that has attributes must be a complex type, and that type can either allow element children or not.

A complex element contains other elements and/or attributes. Außerdem können diese als Liste oder Union von anderen einfachen Typen erstellt werden.XML schemas allow both anonymous and named simple types to be derived by restriction from other simple types (built-in or user-defined) or constructed as a list or union of other simple types.Bisher wurden die untergeordneten Elemente und Attribute, deren jeweilige Typen und das At this point, the child elements and attributes, their corresponding types, and the top-level Im folgenden Codebeispiel wird das Schemaelement mithilfe der In the following code example, the schema element is created using the Alle Post-Schema-Compilation-Eigenschaften in der SOM-API weichen vom Post-Schema-Validation-Infoset ab.All post-schema-compilation properties in the SOM API differ from the Post-Schema-Validation-Infoset.Im Folgenden wird das gesamte Codebeispiel dargestellt und das Kundenschema auf der Konsole ausgegeben.The following is the complete code example, and the customer schema written to the console.

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