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I am Visey. I’m interested in building a workbench soon, and I’m gathering all the information, tools, and materials.How do you edge plane a really wide board using one of these traditional, one screw face vices? I suppose this means you never need to change the your position of your hands when you are tightening it up?.You might be interested to know that the type of clamping mechanism where you push the movable jaw up close and then cinch-up the work with a small turn of the handle (which used to be known ‘rapid action’) has been around a very long time – Entwisle and Kenyon (Keighley, Yorks) invented theirs in 1877.I recently built a twin screw moron vice that I place on top of my workbench to get some elevation for cutting dovetails and I made the screws with a 1 1/2” dowels and a screw kit I bought on line and it works great! The spindle is enclosed by a cylinder to inhibit the build-up of dirt. Anyhow, in your comments about iron face vices, you say:I have an old Record 52 vice on my bench in front of me here, but just can’t visualise this. And the dang thing is built like a WW1 tank (and kind of looks like one too),If you ever make them again, I’d love to buy one. Face with stow-able leg might be easier to store than leg with leg vise. However, something I do always say is if you’ve got a method that you’re set in and works well, then certainly don’t change because I’ve mentioned it.True true, but in my case it’s really easy to try out what you’re suggesting because I’m not keeping the bench and a couple screws into the existing apron will be reversible Then when I build a new bench I’ll know definitively what I want. I may just go with a face vise build to save space. You’ll need a jaw, a runner and a few wooden guides.We go through the whole vice build step by step in our Workbench Vice build video, so if you’re interested in more details, There are two main reasons I would opt for a wooden screw.Contrary to an engineer’s thoughts, these vices get better with age.Many people would laugh at how rickety my vice looks after so many years of use.

Overall length with jaws closed 100 mm. We ended up … (Although where the bloody shelf for it has gone in the meantime is beyond me – I think it may have accidentally ended up as kindling. It has a leg vise that I built with a simple metal screw. Now I´m at the point to install an iron cast vice. Can you explain a bit more what you mean?Hi Richard, thank you very much for the information. Also, do you use any lubricant on the wood guide rail to ease the slide?I’ve (luckily) got an old Parkinson’s Perfect Vice, which I heartily recommend. Yes, I know it sounds crazy. Luckily I found one on eBay for about $120 (and only spent about $125 for all of the wood for the bench). Of course, if you’re making an English Workbench out of pine (and you should: Richard’s series is fantastic; I often watch it for entertainment), the screw will cost more than the bench.

They're especially practical for on-site jobs when all you want is a small clamping device, rather than the burden of larger and heavier clamping fixtures. Have you put one to the sword before?Hi Rico, again if made with a wooden screw they are beautiful to use.Couldn’t agree more about the wooden screw. Inquiry. Clamping thickness up to 75 mm.For delicate workpieces! It’s all a bench needs.Your post is timely for me. I actually made it! Now I have a wide “single screw” vice like Richard’s, but no expensive screw- and the steel shaft is greaseless, so it won’t much up my work and I can, like Richard, rest material across the shaft and wood guide bar or place long panels between the two. Makes a great traditional face vise or leg vise. Having to stoop down to move the pin was an interruption and I … Quality product made in the Czech Republic.Our mini-vices made of solid cast iron are ideal for all smaller jobs in the workshop or at home. The man-size guide bar is definitely the boss of the screw I had to slightly adjust the guide strips in the summer but it hasn’t needed touching since. I’ll try and get some pictures so I can do an article on it soon.Richard, I’ve just finished my own face vise incorporated into a new apron. This one in your vice of the photo above looks strong and, why not say, beautiful.I´m building your bench the last days. The “buts…” however. The ball joint is tightened with a 36 mm spanner, but a simple pipe wrench does the job as well. I did not have the funds nor the access to a wooden screw, so I used an 1-1/4″ X 18″ steel vise screw. My thought is to build with a leg vise—used one in my grandfather’s shop as a wee sprat. I improvised a situation where I could plane the edge of a board with the previous bench: something like a hook to hold it upright and so it won’t run away from the plane, and something to hold the tail end of it up. I bought another screw, but have been waiting for warmer weather to build a vise. Spring is coming (eventually) and I will be able to get into my garage again. And now 2 I’ll screw some timber to the apron either side of the vice to make the back jaw flush with the bench to see which way I prefer. I took the liberty of copying your design with the screw offset on the right side and a guide rail on the left with a wedged through mortice and tenon.

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