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edit subscriptions. – Counter The Meta Tips & Tricks!Season 3 Competitive Meta Guide! Sway never revealed his face until he became a 'Faze' member. FaZe Sway.

Sway posts 'Fortnite' content on his 'Instagram' and 'Twitter' accounts, too, where he has earned around 845 thousand and 146 thousand followers, respectively.Sway's gaming career leaped after he was promoted by the most popular e-sports organization in the world, 'FaZe Clan.'

YouTube rankings, let's play and review database, video game stats and more. Tag: faze sway. FaZe Sway is an American professional 'Fortnite' gamer who rose to prominence after joining the 'FaZe Clan.' Check out Tfue!

3.56M Subs. 100%. His real name is Josue. View More View Data. His channel is packed with montages and gameplays of 'Fortnite,' which have earned him more than 63 million views. – Fortnite Funny Fails and WTF Moments! (Fortnite Battle Royale)PLEASANT PARK IS GETTING DESTROYED!! About.

Mongraal vs FaZe Sway in Fortnite Friday … 7.39M 180.4K 4.42K 9.91K. FaZe Sway RAGEQUITS After FASTER Controller Player OUTBUILDS Him in . He initially earned prominence for his Fortnite playthroughs published to his FaZe Sway YouTube channel, where he has gained more than 256 million views before joining the FaZe Clan in … The last video currently has more than two million views, the highest on the channel.Over a million 'YouTube' users have subscribed to Sway's channel.

Ninja Drops 22 Elims In Friday Fortnite With Faze Sway! FaZe Clan Snow Camo Jersey.

Share Clix Reacts to FaZe Sway Free Building INHUMANLY FAST on XBOX Controller & Milliam Fortnite Montage with your friends! This deadly combination makes him a terrifying opponent in any 'Fortnite' build fight. HOT Evolution of FaZe Sway Season 1-10 . should reach. HD. Follow my Socials twitter @FaZeSway instagram @fazesway

Any question please leave us a message via facebook(recommended) and we'll get back to you soon.

Have a nice day ^.^Tips: YouTube only displays three digits numbers of subscribers, so the curve has some changesAnalysis completed, the channel doesn't have promotion data.Sorry, only the VIP members can check it.

I Hosted a 1v1 Tournament with FaZe Sway for $200 in Fortnite... (beat FaZe Sway = Money) - Duration: 23:45.

He joined the clan in the middle of March 2019.

FaZe Sway is an American professional 'Fortnite' gamer who rose to prominence after joining the 'FaZe Clan.' FaZe Sway is an American professional 'Fortnite' gamer who is also part of the 'FaZe Clan.' This deadly combination makes him a terrifying opponent in any 'Fortnite' build fight.

$74. Though he has just started playing as a 'FaZe' member on the international platform, Sway has already been featured on the list of the most famous 'Fortnite' players of all time, due to his incredible gaming skills. Most Viewed Video from FaZe Sway YouTube Channel . …

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