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zanzibar and oman

With the Sultan’s relocation in the 1840s, it is no surprise that many Arab settlers followed. Flickr.

During this time, clove plantations expanded on the fertile Zanzibar island of Pemba and slavery exploded. "The Zanzibar government does not know either. Oman and Zanzibar. “You cannot deny it. If you have seen Zanzibar for yourself, perhaps you can understand why Sultan Said decided to relocate his court (and the official capital of the empire) from Muscat to Stone Town around 1840. “It hurts to talk about it," he said "If I had the power, I would go there and kill everyone. Climate. 1. This was the beginning of the Zanzibar revolution; the mostly Arab government and political establishment were overthrown, the Sultan exiled, and others were left to flee or risk harm. After the "merchant Sultan" had moved his capital from Oman to Zanzibar, he went every 3 or 4 years to Oman to ensure control. Zanzibar occurred in 1840 when Omani ruler Sayyid Said bin Sultan al-Busaid moved his capital from Muscat, Oman, to Stone Town, Zanzibar. Born in 1791, Saʿīd succeeded his father jointly with his brother Salīm in 1804, but their cousin Badr immediately

My uncle, who was part of the party that was overthrown, was arrested, but not my father who had always been a technocrat who did not like politics."

“From my young age, I knew I have roots in Oman because on my birth certificate it is written that my father is Arab… and we have letters in Arabic from the time when my father got married.”Oman during the 1960s was very different from the Omn of today. For Oman, trading in ivory, cloves, and slaves was particularly profitable.Along the Swahili Coast, centuries of contact with Arab traders has contributed to the prominence of Islam and the prevalence of Swahili architecture in cities like Lamu, Mombasa, and Zanzibar.

For a short time, Zanzibar was the capital of Oman. This complicated history is enshrined in the island’s architecture and embodied in the people themselves. Annual estimates between 11,000 – 15,000 enslaved peoples were arriving in Zanzibar from the interior regions surrounding the African great lakes. Some Imagesshowingthe historic Zanzibar - Oman Relationship. “My father got detained successively for eight and six months. These beautiful sailing vessels were used to crisscross the Indian ocean along trade routes connecting East Africa, India, Iran, Pakistan, and the Arabian Peninsula. Zanzibar has a tropical climate that is subject to monsoon winds.

This place was not for human beings!”According to Sultan Qaboos University’s Professor Ibrahim Noor Sharif al-Bakry, East Africa-born Omanis flew back at the right time to “help” Qaboos bin Said to build up the country.

Omanis were involved, the Indians financed the slavery, the African chiefs provided the slaves, so the blame should not be put only on Arab Omani Muslims.

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