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zanzibar revolution results

Further, it was reported that the Umma Party had brought a supply of arms and ammunition into Zanzibar over a three-month period at the end of the previous year.It was also a reasonable conclusion, at the time, that Okello must have played some role in Babu's plan and that he must then be speaking with the authority and approval of Babu and the other leaders.For about a year after the revolution we continued to receive good new retrospective reporting which contributed to our understanding of what had happened. A Zanzibari attorney who knew Babu well was also convinced that Babu had no previous knowledge of the coup. It comprises the main southern island of Unguja (also known as Zanzibar), the smaller northern island of Pemba, and numerous surrounding islets. It was only later that one could see the mistake in lumping the pro-Communist elements in the ASP with Babu and the radical Arabs. slave trade), in 1890 Zanzibar became a British protectorate.

The current legislature was formed in 1980. groups of all types. They were led by a little known man named Author has 9.4K answers and 9.8M answer views The Zanzibar Revolution of 1964 was ultimately caused by ethnic tensions between the island kingdom’s Arab and Asian minority, closely identified with the originally Omani ruling dynasty, and the African majority, often descended from slaves and excluded from much power. The United Kingdom did not grant Zanzibar independence, as such, because the UK had never had sovereignty over Zanzibar. At this stage the theory of Babu's responsibility for the coup—the generally accepted interpretation—fell to pieces. to us and to those with more detail. He had reigned in Zanzibar for almost 50 years, since 1911. "Portuguese Conceptual Categories and the “Other” Encounter on the Swahili Coast." soldiers. become a much more costly item.Having It was these broadcasts, more than anything else, that seemed at the time to establish the revolution and the new government as extremist and unstable if not irrational. As it turns out, the new evidence justifies a new verdict.Needless to say, Zanzibar had not been a major target of our intelligence effort. 36–42 from ASP Party leaders, though surprised by Okellos' actions, (many were not even on Nation, a full member of the British Commonwealth and a newly enrolled sovereign

early 1963. Africans under ASP-(Afro Shiraz Party) recognized that independence granted in 1963 was a way for Arabs. His behavior, and that alone, had been responsible for the rumor that Cubans were involved in the coup.Such interviews with persons who had been there at the time or had other fast-hand information were of fundamental importance in establishing the main facts. Hundreds of party Most significant of all is the fact that the supplies of arms and ammunition which the Umma Party had brought in and concealed in different spots on the island were not used.Other hypotheses were tested in the same manner. Lengthy examination turned up no credible evidence that he had played any significant part at all. In February, the British Defence and Overseas Policy Committee said that, while British commercial interests in Zanzibar were "minute" and the revolution by itself was "not important", the possibility of intervention must be maintained.Following the evacuation of its citizens on 13 January, the US government stated that it recognised that Zanzibar lay within Britain's A partial evacuation of British citizens was completed by 17 January,Following the revelation that the revolutionaries may have received communist bloc training, Operation Parthenon was replaced by With the merger of Tanganyika and Zanzibar on 23 April, there were concerns that the Umma Party would stage a coup; One of the main results of the revolution in Zanzibar was to break the power of the Arab/Asian ruling class, who had held it for around 200 years.The government sought help from the Soviet Union, the German Democratic Republic (GDR), and People's Republic of China for funding for several projects and military advice.The revolution itself remains an event of interest for Zanzibaris and academics.

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