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They come and go, like your breath. Place your palms against each other just like you are in prayer and bend forward a few seconds as a sign of respect for the Once you have finished Zazen, do gassho again. Remain sitting on the cushion calmly and quietly for a few moments, don’t hurry to stand up. However zazen, as understood by Dogen Zenji, is something different, and cannot be categorized as meditation in the sense described above. These postures may initially seem unnatural and uncomfortable to most beginners.But with time, your hips and legs will gain flexibility and these postures will become comfortable to you.If all else fails, then you can also meditate by sitting on a chair with a back support.No matter what position you adopt, your neck and back need to be as straight as possible.You should pull your chin inwards to make the neck erect. Zen is a school of Mahayana Buddhism that is heavily influenced by Taisom . Why? During Zazen, breathe quietly through the nose and keep the mouth closed.Try to establish a calm, long, and deep natural rhythm. The correct breathing can only be achieved through the right posture. Naturally, Zen meditation techniques stem from the Zen Buddhist tradition. Before starting your meditation, you need to find a quiet and peaceful place where you will not be distracted. Zen breathing and martial arts breathing are similar, and they can be compared to the mooing of a cow or the roaring of a tiger.As with breathing, the mindset is essential in the practice of Zen meditation. Without focusing on nothing in particular, direct your vision about one meter in front of you on the floor. Originally called Dhyana in India, Zen meditation is a very simple yet precise method of meditation, where the correct posture is imperative. As you roll them in the palm of your hand, the relative positions of both balls is constantly switching. The room where you want to practice in should not be too dark or too bright or too warm or too cold.There are different ways that you can practice Zen meditation. Try not to get attached to them. It is whole body-and-mind practice. There are two mudras commonly used in Buddhist meditation. Zen or ZaZen meditation gives you an opportunity to de-clutter you life and open up your mind.If you are willing to increase your awareness and perception with meditation, then let us guide you on how to meditate Zen.Zen or ZaZen lies at the very center of the Zen Buddhist practice.Originally termed as Dhyana in India, Zen reflection is a simple yet effective form of meditation.The word ‘Zen’ can roughly be translated as ‘meditative state’ or absorption.It emphasizes on rigorous self-control and deep meditation, especially for the benefit of those around you.Explaining the effect of Zen meditation is similar to describing the flavor of sweet nectar, to a person who has not tasted it earlier.It is a way of self-discovery and awareness. Your eyes will naturally come to rest in a position that is half-opened and half-closed. It also acts as a “meditation effort meter.” Now, slowly balance your body from left to right three or four times.Next, do gassho. Just let them go without judgment, like clouds in the sky.So, as soon as you become aware that you are interacting or grasping on thoughts, immediately bring back your concentration to your posture and breathing; your mind will settle down naturally.With experience, you will have fewer and fewer thoughts during Zazen, and your mind will come to rest easily and more quickly.Now it’s time to start Zazen. When you realize you've lost track of the count, go back to one.As thoughts come up, simply acknowledge them and let them go. Traditionally, only the full lotus position or the half-lotus position is used. The meaning of the mudra is beyond duality. Ideally, a time-exposure photograph of a meditation period will have no blurs. If your experience of zazen remains locked up in your skull, you aren't doing it right.

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