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问题 1. It is unsurprising, then, that his invention was not too easily accepted.History has been a little kinder, and Zhang Heng is now remembered as a successful mechanical inventor whose ideas were ahead of his time.

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It would not be until 1700 years later that a similar instrument was invented elsewhere. The reaction at court was first mainly of disbelief. 2.

China has been plagued by quakes through history. Mayroon itong walong …

Berikut adalah uraian singkatnya.


Categories  Naimbento ni Zhang Heng sa Tsina ang unang seismometro noong mga 100 AD, na may sukat na tatlong talampakan kung pahalang.
The Eastern Han was established in 25AD after the brief 15year reign of Wang Mang's Hsin dynasty had replaced the Western Han dynasty.

These led him to believe that earthquakes were in fact a natural phenomenon.The instrument that Zhang Heng invented looked like this:If an earthquake occurred, the initial tremors on the ground would cause the detector to shake, and the ball would fall from the dragons above into the mouth of the toads, making a large clanging sound as it landed.

Login Even with all his rigorous scientific foundations, Zhang Heng was still incorporating traditional beliefs into his creation.Unfortunately, as has been the fate of many scientists throughout world history, it was one thing to build his invention out of his discoveries, but another for it to be accepted by his peers. Earthquakes were seen as a symbol of this balance being upset, often due to poor actions taken by rulers.

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intriguing design, created almost 2000 years ago was the design of the first earthquake sensing device invented. Each of… Even after this, many still did not trust Zhang Heng, and in fact, often feared him. Zhang Heng, Wade-Giles romanization Chang Heng, (born 78 ce —died 139), Chinese mathematician, astronomer, and geographer.

Zhang Heng presented his seismograph to the Emperor Shun Yang Jia 顺帝阳嘉.

The most recent major quake was the Tangshan earthquake in 1976 measuring 8.2 on the Richter scale.


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